SCSSC 2015

Simulations are often called the third pillar of science, in conjuntion with theory and experiment.  Computer methods are no longer confined to basic research in academia, and are widely used in the industrial setting.

At SCCSC 2015, we have assembled an exciting group of speakers from a variety of companies, who will discuss how they utilize computation in their respective positions in industry. The talks will cover a wide range of topics yet will remain geared towards a general science audience. This conference allows students the opportunity not only to learn how computation is being used in industry, but also to broaden their understanding of other fields in science and engineering.

Who Should Attend

Students, researchers, and post-docs who are interested in how simulations are used in the business world are encouraged to attend.   Past participants have said they came away with a better understanding of how computer simulations and modeling are used in industry, and have a more positive view of what their future careers might involve.  There is ample time for informal talking/networking with the speakers and other industry attendees.   Talks are wide ranging, but geared towards the general science student, and speakers will touch on what skills they found useful in their jobs.

There is also a poster session at the end of the day where you can show off your research - and CSC will print your poster for free!

Link to website for the previous 2012 conference